Certified Talent Development & Learning Professional (CTLP)

Participants in the Certified Talent Development and Learning Professional (CTLP) program are enabled to be future-ready for nurturing high performing human capital in their organizations.

Learners will be equipped with new competencies for developing cutting-edge and strategically focused learning experiences.

The CTLP covers 8 Key Areas:

  1. Trends transforming the future world and the future of talent development
  2. Transforming talent development programs to meet organizational strategic goals
  3. Transforming the corporate culture to support strategic and tactical talent development
  4. Transforming talent developers to meet present and future challengers
  5. Revisiting ADDIE; something old, something new
  6. Analysis for Learning 4.0
  7. Learner-centered design and development
  8. Learner-centered implementation and evaluation

All participants are required to prepare an execute a Capstone Project for a business-related change.

The CTLP is conducted over 9 virtual remote sessions of 2hours each for total of 18 hours and participants will have access to 70 hours of content on ITD World’s eLearning platform